Give yourself time – A self-experiment

This is an experiment in which I try not to be efficient, not to be the best and not to be the fastest for a month. Let’s see what happens.

I can spend time with my loved ones, like time with my little puppy, to exercise them and build a real bond. Bonding is so important and essential for our future path together, because if dog and human have a good basis of trust, you can go through every difficult phase together. We can also project this onto every other relationship: partnership, friends, family, work colleagues, animals, plants, etc.

Time is the most precious commodity of this time because we have so little of it.
We are trained as children to be good. And not just good, but BETTER. Better than the other, better than your girlfriend, better than your brother and better than your mother or father. Just being good is not enough, you MUST be better. This means that you study and practice and train and try everything possible to compete in this game. Honestly, who doesn’t get stressed? This expectation and performance orientation cannot make anyone really happy on the inside. Every clear-thinking person will sooner or later reach their limits and realize that it’s nonsense. Taking the separation of the individual self to its extreme and then saying bang each other’s heads can’t make the world a better place. It’s only going to get worse.

That’s why I started this self-experiment. The trigger was a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. He gave out grants to those who were NOT PRODUCTIVE – how great is that! Someone who realized that this whole race for first place is complete bullshit and certainly doesn’t make us any better, just separates us from each other.

I was able to have this experience for the very first time when my inner voice said to me: “I have time.” Wow, what a sentence and what a liberation! I have time to make real contacts and let them work on me. I have time to notice the things that are happening around me. You won’t believe how my eyes were opened when I saw how everyone is just trying to keep up and how many people fail and break inside. I have time to take care of myself and be kind to myself. This creates an incredible amount of strength, centeredness, love and compassion that I can share with others. I have time to go shopping in peace and to cook my own food. I have time to really taste this food and watch the journey through my body. I have time to be thankful that I have time. I have time to meet up with friends and give them time, not just a quick chat over coffee or a quick, superficial phone call. No, time creates real contact, firstly with my counterpart and secondly with myself. That’s a wonderful feeling. Time suddenly creates inner joy, true happiness and true contentment all by itself. Who would have thought that. Time is my new, very best friend, which I will pay so much attention to from now on.

The paradox of time also became clear to me in my profession as a healer. Time doesn’t run linearly like we’re told. For example, at the soul level, everything is now. Therefore, old, deep traumata can now be resolved and transformed. Nobody travels back in a time machine and clarifies the conflict in the past. This happens in the here and now. This is my suggestion to you: find access to yourself and let the time and calmness speak out of you.

Join us and start this experiment too. I’m happy to accompany you.
Your Maria