Yoga Healing – Group Course

Yoga connects body, mind and soul in order to live a healthy life in harmony.


Sometimes it is difficult for us to find this balance in our busy everyday life. We run from A to B, are under time pressure, have to regulate 100 things at the same time and forget to breathe. Everyone knows those moments of restlessness and distraction. Therefore, in addition to my energetic treatments, I also offer yoga courses that help you to let go and find peace.

My yoga healing is a mixture of different styles, such as Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyassa and Yin Yoga. What is special about it is the energetic alignment of the individual classes and feeling your own inner energy. Your body and mind are challenged at the same time, and your nervous system is calmed. Especially nowadays, our “nerves are on edge” and we are unbalanced, stressed, overburdened or have too much on our minds. It is therefore important to create a healthy balance and actively integrate it into your everyday life. A regular yoga practice can protect you from stress and overload, give you peace and give you strength.

During yoga healing, your nadis (energy channels) are opened and your chakras (energy centers) are stimulated. We sometimes hold the individual asanas (yoga positions) for up to 5 minutes so that the physical effect is transferred to your energy body. In the Vinyassa elements, your body and your mobility are challenged in order to practice concentration and focus. We devote ourselves to your inner flow and give it expression. At the end of a yoga healing class there is usually a long meditation with singing bowl music to transform whatever has already been loosened and released. Afterwards you will feel more intimate, calmer, more flexible and energized. Thus, a regular, well-flowing exchange of energy can take place without blockages and congestion. This keeps you fit and resilient, even in challenging situations. Your resilience is strengthened, self-confidence is built and self-love is promoted. All this, in just one and a half hours of yoga healing – that’s wonderful!

My style of yoga healing is for anyone who wants to do more than just train their body and is willing to look deeper. All courses are also available online. Talk to me

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Cost : €15 Location: Kalckreuthstraße 16, 10777 Berlin
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