Breath yourself free

Air is room to breathe. 

The breath connects us to our life, to this dimension, to our body. If we stop breathing, we die. The breath begins this life and lets it end. So it is a definite part of the incarnation cycle, the part that keeps us here on earth. This is why breathing is so important to us. It provides us with oxygen, pure energy, and our body converts this energy into power. This provides our brain, muscles and organs with pure power to do the things we are here to do. Have you ever given your breath so much importance? Granted him so much important relevance to your life? 

I breathe very consciously and am also very aware of the finiteness of my life here. That’s why I enjoy walks in the countryside, a day by the sea or a weekend in the mountains. In these places the air is clean, pure and clear. You can literally smell the freshness and soak up the clarity. On such days and hours I breathe very courageously, I feel the air filling my lungs, touching every single alveoli and the air flowing out of my body again. This cycle is so natural that it is often forgotten and we do not appreciate this vital process enough. When you breathe consciously you connect body, mind and soul and you are in the here and now. This is one of the most important qualities to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

Oxygen is in a constant cycle in nature. It is constantly released during the photosynthesis of algae and plants and is an end product of these biochemical reactions. Oxygen is released into the environment and we absorb it, turning it into carbon dioxide, giving food back to the algae and plants. The cycle is closed. 

A brief excursion into physics: From a chemical point of view, water consists of oxygen and helium atoms. Helium is the second most common atom in the entire universe. Even our solid body consists of about 70% water, i.e. oxygen combined with helium atoms. So we are one with the air around us as well as with the universe. We are made of the same building blocks. We are in direct connection with what surrounds us and should realign our consciousness accordingly. Nature, this earth, this galaxy offer us living space to grow, to learn and to develop further. This earth gives us food and fellow human beings, animals and air – space to breathe, grow and thrive. So let’s live more in connection with nature, with everything that surrounds us! Because when you live in connection, you feel the perfection and the freedom in you. 

Breath means life. Life means abundance.

I would be happy to help you on this path to really feel yourself in your body and to breathe freely. Free from what was and free from what is to come. Call me and we’ll set off together.

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Thanks very much!

Your Maria