Work in peace and happiness

“Are you still working, or are you already living?”

Following this motto, I have redefined my life and my way of working. For me, personal values, the people I work with, and client selection have become much more important than just making money. We usually spend 8 hours a day on our work, which is about half of our day. So I ask you: Do you really want to spend 50% of your time doing a job you don’t enjoy? A job that doesn’t develop your talents or that drains you? Do you really want to work with people who wear you down or are green with envy? I say no to it! For a long time, I let myself get stressed out in the daily agency routine, developing beautiful designs 8 to 10 hours a day under a lot of pressure and working way too much for the trash can. Appreciation of creativity did not exist. Neither from the customer, nor from the team itself. After a few years, my body spoke to me and said, “This is not the way to go.” Because I ignored the signs, I got a herniated disc, and also the second one, and all that at the end of my 20’s. That was the end! I have chosen to direct my life in a different way, to put work under a new priority and to develop my personal talents. All in personal responsibility and self-management. Since then I have been working as a freelancer, self-employed and in various professional fields. This fills me with satisfaction and balance, because my workday is as multifaceted as I am.

My work as a spiritual healer and systemic coach is very fulfilling. After a session, I feel recharged, not drained. I may accompany my clients into the higher planes, towards their true self, into universal love, towards death and birth, towards the deceased and the hidden, towards happiness and harmony, peace and inner calm. I love and appreciate this work very much, because it holds wonders that remain hidden from people in their everyday consciousness. My work as a spiritual healer in Berlin and systemic coach opens the eyes for the fine, the pure, the always being, the infinity of things, the light and the origin. One recognizes the structure of the soul and its complex structures.

During a healing or coaching session I guide my clients back to hidden parts, to lost knowledge, lead them to inner sources of power and show them the structure of their self, as well as the connections between the individual levels. I don’t perform miracles, but I can say that I get to support people in magical moments.

Energy work and systemic coaching fill me with happiness and satisfaction. After each healing session, the client enjoys the newly acquired insights and knowledge. I see the changes and developments in my clients’ decisions, as well as the maturation of their personality. For me, there is no more beautiful work than to make myself available, body and soul, to understand connections and patterns from a larger context. In the healing process I let the light speak, colors interact and dimensions come together. As a Systemic Coach and Spiritual Healer, I am passionate about promoting self-love and self-acceptance, as well as bringing more serenity and joy into this world.

Convince yourself and get to know me and my way of working.

I’m happy for you!

Yours Maria Borgwardt

Spiritual Healer, Systemic Coach & Yoga Teacher

Coaching cost: 120€ per session
Coaching Location: Boxhagener Straße 81, 10245 Berlin
Coaching Languages: DE/EN
Please register at: / +49 157 352 574 88