Female Healing Workshop

Female Healing Circle: 08 April 23

The strength of the woman is not her hardness, but her flexibility. So let’s be free and flowing.

Delicacy is often associated with weakness, but this is a misconception. Strong, feminine women are delicate and powerful at the same time. They combine two forces within themselves, which together form a whole. These women can lead, fully feel and be alive. Everything in them is in unfoldment. Everything comes out of themselves, both the love and the destruction (Shiva & Shakti).

Free flowing, streaming, feminine power no one can stop. It can be compared to a large, wide river. Once set in motion, this feminine force is unstoppable. No one can contain them, no one can tame them. This wild, rousing power resides within you.

We rediscover this power, explore it and bring it to fruition.

Come into your femininity and use the full power of your potential. For too long, you adapted, went with the flow, or functioned. Now is the time to wake up and grow. So: be feminine, be free, be flowing, be wild, be strong and gentle at the same time. That is your true nature.

Let’s celebrate, honor and appreciate our femininity together!

My offer:

With yoga we warm up our body, stretch it and let it become supple. Kundalini and Yin Yoga combine energetic, strength-giving sequences with calm, relieving moments. In my workshop every woman gets space for her personal concern. This can be anything: Questions about relationship and partnership, problems at work, dissatisfaction in everyday life, disputes in the family, illness, tiredness, listlessness, etc. Depending on what is there at the moment, we look systemically or energetically at the respective situation. Within the group we will initiate healing processes, cleanse and strengthen your overall system and pay special attention to the feminine side of being. A special feature is the Kundalini Dance at the end of the course. It connects you to your body and awakens every cell.

About the daily schedule:

We will introduce ourselves and get to know
Yoga and contemplation for your heart opening
Ancient healing rituals and systemic group work
Kundalini Dance

In loving company, I will guide you to your true power, so that you can unfold your inherent potential. With this you give yourself a way in this world with more ease, strength, fullness and self-love. This is exactly why I offer my Female Healing Circle with regular appointments for women in Berlin.

Please bring your own yoga mat, comfortable clothing and something to snack on. We will take regular breaks.

What: Famale Healing Circle ⭕️
When: 08.04.2023 from 14-18 clock
Where: Yoga Sky, am Tempelhofer Berg 7d, 10965 Berlin
How much: 48€
Languages: DE/EN
Registration: maria@heilerinberlin.de

I look forward to you and your uniqueness! 💕

Maria Borgwardt

Spiritual Healer, Systemic Coach & Yoga Teacher