Reiki treatment – use the universal life energy

A Reiki treatment can help to increase general well-being. Reiki was developed in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century, but is based on ancient practices of Far Eastern medicine. The term Reiki means “universal life energy”. This is seen as the basis of all life, flowing through everything. A Reiki treatment is a form of energy work that works with the help of universal life energy. Reiki as an energy therapy is based on the idea of energetic body vibrations changing through this energy. Stress or illness can throw these energetic vibrations out of balance and become disharmonious. With Reiki treatment, they should be harmonized again and the self-healing powers of body, soul and spirit should be stimulated. This is done primarily through the laying on of hands. Distant healing is also possible. Finally, the Reiki energy is not tied to time and space and can also be transmitted and received through the power of thought. Dare and try it yourself!

Energy work for body and mind

A prerequisite for an effective Reiki treatment is above all an appropriate training of these subtle abilities. The Reiki giver is trained and initiated by a Reiki master in several steps that build on one another. A Reiki treatment usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Before the treatment, the most important points relating to Reiki are discussed in detail so that the client knows what to expect. Then the Reiki giver connects to the universal energy in the learned way and places his hands on or over the lying Reiki receiver. Gradually all the important organs, energy pathways (nadis) and energy centers (chakras) are treated. Diseases or fractures can also be healed in this way. Meanwhile, Reiki energy flows through the giver into the physical body and energetic body of the receiver down to the soul level. And as much as he needs at that moment. As a rule, the person being treated feels a deep sense of relaxation. For example, he may feel warmth, cold, a tingling sensation, a “feeling of floating” or even fall asleep. In this way, Reiki treatments promote physical health and mental balance. Blockages can be released, deep trauma transformed and the body detoxified.

With a Reiki treatment to more harmony, health and joie de vivre

I have these special skills and would be happy to offer you a Reiki treatment. This can accompany therapy for numerous complaints, especially psychosomatic ones such as digestive problems, chronic pain, nervousness and states of anxiety or depression.

However, a Reiki treatment is not only suitable if you are ill in the classic sense. It can also have a very positive effect on stress, tension or exhaustion and prevent possible serious illnesses. Feel for yourself how the universal life energy flows through you and mobilizes your self-healing powers, dissolves inner blockages and brings body, soul and spirit back into harmony.

expand your mind

This type of energy treatment can lead you to new spiritual experiences. Your spirit expands, you feel connected to the universe and the all pervading energy in harmony. Dark thoughts, exaggerated fears, pent-up feelings gradually give way.

With the help of Reiki, you manage to break through deadlocked patterns of thinking, feeling and acting, which often unconsciously burden you, and to free yourself from them step by step. A fundamentally more positive attitude, more serenity, energy and joie de vivre find their way into your everyday life and make your existence more meaningful and worth living.