Quantum healing – modern treatment method with tradition

Quantum healing is a relatively new, alternative treatment method, which, however, is based on older healing methods. It was developed in the USA in the 1980s by chiropractors Richard Bartlett and Frank Kinslow. Similar healing rituals involving “magical touch” have been used by Hawaiian shamans for many centuries, for example. That is why one can speak of a rediscovery of ancient traditions in quantum healing in a certain way.

Mind and matter in interaction

The method of quantum healing is based on the physical quantum theory, which states that the smallest particles, the quanta, interact with matter and spirit/consciousness. This complex interaction implies that thoughts can affect the body. The basis is the principle that spirit (in this case thoughts) forms matter (in this case body). Quantum physics states that the smallest particles are related to each other. This means that they don’t just float around randomly, but form a network – a shape. If we want to change this form, we have to understand or change the spirit behind it. Changes in our world of thoughts, in our consciousness, can therefore have direct effects on our well-being and our state of health. Every single thought or feeling releases certain frequencies and initiates biochemical processes in our body. While we are in the process of thinking and feeling, our body reacts immediately. In this way we can stimulate healthy and physical changes with the “right” thoughts and feelings

Recovery impulse through the two-point method

Against this background, the treated person becomes a co-creator of his or her reality during quantum healing. The therapist only acts as a source of inspiration. He usually uses what is known as the “two-point method” and touches the client at two chosen points on the body. The practitioner enters a state of conscious awareness. This change at the level of consciousness initiates a rebuilding of the cell structure of the person being treated.

This rearrangement at the molecular and atomic level means that healing processes are set in motion on a physical and psychological level. Such a quantum healing treatment implies for the treated that the previous patterns of thought and behavior are broken and rearranged. As a result, there is a restructuring of his thoughts and feelings. This new perspective, in turn, leads to behavioral changes and ultimately to recovery and well-being.

Quantum healing as a holistic method

Experience shows that quantum healing can be successfully applied to a whole range of illnesses and symptoms: Disorders of general well-being, lacking/reduced self-esteem and self-confidence, decrease in performance, lack of drive and concentration, dizziness, sleep disorders, weight loss, headaches, back problems , impairments of the musculoskeletal system, anxiety disorders, depression, etc. Ultimately, the exact diagnosis is not so important.

Rather, it is about healing in a holistic sense, on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It is precisely this holistic approach to the consideration and definition of health that has largely been lost in modern apparatus medicine. And with that, unfortunately, also many effective healing methods that have developed over many thousands of years in different cultures.

Back to personal balance

Fortunately, there is something of a renaissance in holistic thinking, including in medicine and psychology. Many people no longer just want certain symptoms of illness to be cured. They recognize that these are signs that something is out of balance. Many therapists offer answers to these deeper questions and needs of their clients in the form of alternative healing methods such as Reiki, hypnosis or quantum healing.

I would like to invite you to experience the positive effects of quantum healing for yourself. Feel the released wave energy spreading through your body in the form of warmth or tingling. Feel how burden and stress gradually fall away from you, how you find more inner balance, how you find a deep “being with yourself”. And how you can achieve an optimistic attitude, more health, harmony and joy.