Energetic Healing – Your path to recovery

Energetic healing encompasses everything that a healer uses to activate the client’s self-healing powers. It can help you to recognize negative physical and mental stress and to treat the resulting health problems using different healing methods. The aim of energetic healing is always to restore your inner balance, to harmonize body, mind and soul. Only if this succeeds can the human being as a whole become healthy and be permanently happy and content.

Energetics have a holistic view of the human being, his energy system and his body. They can help you to recognize deep-seated fears, blockages, old beliefs, learned behavior patterns that affect your well-being or even make you ill. They help you to become aware of the underlying reasons behind the mechanisms you have learned and can help you to solve them. This is a first step on the path to healing. Energy healers actively accompany you in your further development. They help you to release inner blockages, to overcome fears and trauma, to recognize what you really want and what is good for you. So that you can start your new, lighter and healthier life feeling free and balanced, full of new energy.

I am your contact person for energy work and energetic healing in the Berlin and Hamburg area. As a versatile trained energy healer, I offer you various approaches and healing methods: These include, for example, becoming aware of patterns of action and thought, dissolving emotional blockages or negative beliefs, sky-yourself coaching, trauma processing, life coaching, distance healing, aura cleaning and -Charging, as well as the erection of the prana energy.

Energetic healing, optimally tailored to you

Let’s find out together which approaches to energy work suit you, which healing methods actually help you. After all, every person is unique and has their own individual energetic structures, pathways and stories. As an experienced energy healer and highly sensitive personality, I have very fine antennae and can, for example, see events from your past, track down old trauma or alleviate organ disorders. This is how I find out where the origin of your suffering lies and where we can start. Based on this, we design the energy work together, put together the mix of methods that is effective for you and brings you closer to your goal of enjoying your life healthy and alert.

Do you feel uncomfortable, listless and can’t really explain why? Are you often haunted by fears and worries, although there is actually no specific reason for it? Do you have the vague feeling that something is wrong in your life, that you are not on the “right” path? Or do you deal with physical ailments? Are your relationships with other people difficult? Or do you simply want to invite more light and ease into your life in order to fully develop your potential? Then I am exactly the right healer for you.

Your way to more self-knowledge

I am at your disposal with my unique kind of energy work to find your way back to a healthy, full life with more joy, lightness and happiness. During my work as an energetic therapist, I become an energy channel that directs and directs universal energies, restores order in your very individual system and thus reminds you of the vibration of health.

Very different people come to me, some with a very broad consciousness, who work therapeutically or are healers themselves. And some are just curious about my work because their interest has been aroused. Often these people are amazed that they can actually feel the energy in their bodies. During the healing process, your body may begin to tremble. Old trauma and injuries are stored in the cells, so the muscle begins to tremble when these blockages are released. The accumulated, blocked energy is thereby released.

Release blockages, regain vitality and joie de vivre

You can think of it like cleaning a chimney full of soot and debris. First everything is solid, hard and dirty, then big chunks start to fall and finally you get to the fine dust grooves that have formed over the years. After such a cleaning, the chimney (as a metaphor for your body) works much better, it is free and can work better. Vitality and joie de vivre return, you feel lighter, brighter and more flexible.

I have the ability to see old blockages and debris in your energy system and body, return to their source and release them. Your consciousness gains deep insights into your behavior and thought patterns. The purpose of an energetic treatment is purification, self-knowledge and catharsis. Physical and mental pain can be alleviated in this way. Your fears and phobias will subside. You realize deep inside what you really want, what you are here for. This self-awareness frees you from blockages, gives you new courage and fresh energy. You feel more balanced overall, more resilient and don’t let yourself be thrown off course so quickly. You are ready to face the challenges of life with renewed strength and to perceive the positive things in life again.