Dance yourself free – workshop

Dancing inspires the soul and can release blockages, give you energy and joy. So let’s dance through life together!

Knock knock: “Hello, movement is coming. Let me in and dance with me!” – Everything in my dance course revolves around this motto: Dance yourself free.

Here the head is switched off and the mind is consciously left outside. Dancing creates a connection between body and mind that is felt individually. But it is definitely liberating! First you connect to the ground. The soil that carries you here day and night, offers you living space and gives you food. This grounding is good for building steadfastness, stability, security and trust. You feel carried and slowly spread from there.

Everything is allowed, just don’t think, nag and judge. For me, dancing is a very special way of releasing energy. You will be amazed at what is shown when dancing and how much energy you get. Dare and join in. I look forward to getting to know you.

Your Maria

Cost : €25 Location: Kalckreuthstraße 16, 10777 Berlin
Please register at: / +49 157 352 574 88